White Properties

Vision    Mission    Culture

White Properties of Winchester Inc. began as a property management and self storage company. Since opening their doors in 1985 the company has grown to become the premier self-storage provider in the Shenandoah Valley, while continuing to grow and add services that further simplify the lives of their clients. 

Storage Solutions has set the standard in self-storage; offering clean and secure climate and non-climate control storage units, warehousing, and RV parking. Six locations are spread conveniently around Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley offering a variety of storage and service options. An Insomniac Kiosk was installed at SSIII (Eastgate location). The kiosk enables customers to rent units, make payments, purchase locks, and update their accounts 24 hours a day at their convenience. Storage Solutions is sure to offer a simple solution to your storage needs.

Record Solutions was created in 1991 from the need small businesses have to store their inactive and archive business files. Record Solutions is the only facility in Winchester offering document storage utilizing state-of-the-art technology, x-ray storage and destruction, digital tape storage and rotation, document imaging services, and a variety of document storage boxes.

Record Solutions proudly serves the majority of businesses in the Shenandoah Valley. Our services extend to healthcare, offices, legal, accounting, banks, public and private schools, universities and many other small businesses. In the spring of 2001, White Properties was licensed by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to warehouse and deliver medical supplies up to and including Schedule VI drugs. "Just in Time" Warehousing offers another solution to the Winchester community to free up valuable storage space while at the same time cutting shipping and manpower costs. Record Solutions is a member of PRISMand NAID and meet the federal mandated HIPAA requirements.

Mail-n-Pack opened in 2001. To fulfill the self-storage and record storage clients need for shipping, WP began their retail mail and packaging business. Packages can be sent thru FEDEX, USPS, DHL and international. In addition boxes, packing supplies, shipping supplies, notary services, faxing, copying and gift accessories can be purchased a the main office/Mail-n-Pack.

Secure Shred was created in 2002 because Record Solutions clients needed to destroy their inactive files. Today laws require businesses to destroy those sensitive documents.. To meet the HIPAA, FACTA, Red Flag, Final Security and GLB federal mandated requirements Shredder was born. Secure Shred offers off-site and on-site Document Destruction services for Northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.

E-Cycle Solutions, dba Secure Shred is now open and offering on-site and off-site Hard Drive Destruction and electronic recycling services. Protect your sensitive digital information while considering environmentally friendly recycling practices.


Simplify life.


Secure, care, custody and control of business and personal belongings.



I work to simplify my life and the lives of our customers. I am responsible for creating this simplicity. Simplifying the care, custody, and control of business and personal belongings is my mission.


I commit 100% to my work and my life until I succeed. I am committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture, and success of White Properties. I will always recommend White Properties services prior to going outside the company.


I know what I don’t track I cannot improve. I follow the documented systems precisely until a new system is introduced and documented. If a system is not yet created, I know to document and introduce one. I know by following the system I am able to achieve the desired results.


I am responsible for my actions at work and in my life. Preparation for my actions determines my success or failure.  I always hold myself accountable for the results.


I prepare and therefore can be flexible. I know that I can be flexible with my work schedule when I am prepared.  I understand there is no flexibility when it comes to deadlines and completing projects/tasks.

Positive Attitude

I approach everyday and every task with a smile. The way I carry myself reflects on White Properties and my image. Through my smile I bring positivity to my life and my customer’s lives.


I speak positively about White Properties and my fellow team members. I communicate with clear expectations and desired results. I acknowledge what is being said and simplify my understanding by repeating what I heard. I always take responsibility for the outcomes.


I know that goals are achieved when clear expectations are set. I capitalize on opportunities by breaking them down into simple achievable systematic processes. I know that I can achieve anything by simplifying and prioritizing.


I share common goals and work diligently to complete them. I ask for help when I need it and am always willing to help others who ask me. I know that working as a team is imperative to our success.


I work hard to get results. Working hard to get results is working smart. I plan accordingly in order to simplify the process and achieve the desired results. I do whatever it takes to complete the task in its entirety.


I know my reputation is all I have. I conduct myself morarlly and ethically at all times and value my culture principles. I always follow through on the comitments I make to myself and others. 


I live a life of abundance. I understand that I am here to both give and receive.