Secure Shred provides your organization with:

  • A comprehensive, secure, compliant, cost-effective, Greenprocess for confidential materials.
  • Locked Security Containers and Consoles placed free of charge.
  • Uniformed Technicians to securely transport sensitive material.

On Site

On-site shredding eliminates the possibility for loss of sensitive materials. This service is offered to those who require immediate and witnessed destruction of confidential material at their location.


  • Pulverizes Sensitive Materials
  • Security Containers provided
  • 5,000 lbs of paper/hour
  • Certificate of Document Destruction

We bring our Shredder Dog Truck to your location to destroy your sensitive materials. Our truck is capable of shredding 5,000 lbs of paper per hour. No need to remove binders, paperclips, or staples. There is no job too big or too small for the Dog.

Off Site

With off-site shredding we transport your material in locked containers to our location for destruction. The containers remain locked during transportation and are under video surveillance after transportation until destruction.


  • Security Containers provided
  • Secure Transport of Containers
  • Video Surveillance
  • Certificate of Document Destruction


Onsite or Offsite, Secure Shred can securely shred and recycle confidential and sensitive material. Whether your organization needs our Shredder Dog onsite or offsite, our professional staff is eager to assist you.

The Shredder Dog
The Shredder Dog