Perks of Climate Controlled Storage

Wed, 07/13/2016 - 4:31pm

It's HOT out there! Make sure your stuff stays cool!

What is climate-controlled storage, you might ask? A climate-controlled storage unit keeps the temperature and humidity level constant. It's when the temperature inside a storage unit is regulated to stay between 58-78 degrees year-round and maintains a consistent humidity level. 

Extreme temperature can be tough on wood, leather, clothes, pictures and many things in between.

There are certain items that should always stay in a climate-controlled storage unit. 

1. Wooden Furniture

When wood is exposed to moisture it can crack, warp, or even rot. 

2. Leather Goods

Leather is sensitive to drastic seasonal weather changes (like the Shenandoah Valley has!). If leather's not stored in climate-controlled storage it's more susceptible to moisture, which can discolor and mildew pricey leather pieces. 

3. Household Appliances/Electronics

Extreme heat and cold can cause cracking and rust that could cause permanent damage. Make sure to clean and remove water hoses from appliances to reduce the risk of mildew and mold. 

4. Documents/Artwork/Stamps/Photos etc. 

Exposure to moisture can cause: 

Paper edges to curl, fade, discolor, or dissolve

Artwork to deteriorate

Stamps to stick together

Photos to blend together

5. Clothing

Humidity can damage clothes with mold and mildew.


Climate-controlled storage is always a smart choice. Just remember, when in doubt-choose climate control!


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