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Functional Exercise for Moving and Daily Life

Tue, 10/06/2015 - 9:33am

Are you moving your home or storing your extra stuff in storage this fall? If so, we highly encourage you (and anyone!) to consider their physical fitness during the move and after.

Body Renew Fitness in Winchester highly encourages professional movers to strengthen, stretch, and increase mobility to decrease the probability of injury and reduce recovery time if injured. The most common injuries are back, knee, shoulder, and neck. However, functional exercise will significantly reduce the likelihood of it happening.  Tonya Lewis, Training Director of Body Renew Fitness at Delco Plaza, recommends for anyone (not just professional movers!) to incorporate “Functional Fitness” into one’s routine to prevent ANY injury.  “I highly recommend deadlifts to keep legs and back line strong. Core strength is a must in daily activity and to remain fully functional.  It is important to healthy knees and backs especially in this field. Also, it is important to keep flexibility. Our trainers work with people to not only build strength and endurance but also keep flexibility. Prevention goes a long way. As in business, fitness is the same. Better to be proactive than reactive.”

For more information on how the Shenandoah Valley’s premier fitness and sports facility can improve your strength, endurance, and overall well-being before your big move OR just in general- call 540-450-0700 or 540-868-0100 or visit their website,

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