Employee Spotlight! Meet Nelson!

Fri, 10/06/2017 - 5:57pm

Nelson is 22 years old and the youngest of three. He is of Jamaican descent, and grew up in Winchester, Va. Nelson is a graduate of John Handle High School (#HandleyPride), and has been working with White Properties for 7 months where he's currently a customer service representative. Nelson describes himself as: outgoing, ambitious, and says he loves learning new things. We totally agree! Here's more about Nelson!


Q: What's something memorable since working at WP?


A: Every week, before our Tuesday morning meeting we do laughter yoga. That's something very new for me, very interesting. Also, seeing the the White's Farm. when we had a company cookout.


Q: What do you like most about WP?


A: It's a great company. The staff is hardworking, we all work as a team, everyone is motivating. I've learned a lot from them. Everyone is like family.


Q: What is most challenging about your job?


A: This is my first office job. At first it was hard to adapt. I was used to hands on work, but WP has been patient and I have learned a lot.


Q: What is you favorite sport/team?


A: Basketball is my favorite sport. My favorite team is the Cowboys.


Q: What's a random fact you'd like to share?


A: I'm related to Colin Powell.


Q: What are 3 words that describe you?


A: Respectable, trustworthy, unfazed.


Q: Who's your favorite role model?


A: Hugh Hefner, LEGEND!


Q: What do you like to do outside of WP?


A: Spend time with my family and hang with freinds. I love listening to music, trying new restaurants and things. I also like exploring: seeing new scenery.


Q: Do you have a favorite food and or restaurant?


A: Jerk Pork is my favorite food. I like the Delecias, Mexican restaurant.


Q: Do you have a favorite quote?


A: Yes: "Live Without Pretending, Love Without Depending, Listen Without Defending, Speak Without Offending"


WP: Those Are Good Words To Live By!


Now that you know him a little better, next time you visit White Properties, make sure you introduce yourself and say hi to Nelson.



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