Employee Spotlight For December Is Eric Nichols!

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 10:54pm

The Employee Spotlight is shinnig bright on this month's selection, Eric Nichols! We asked Eric to tell us a little about himself, and asked him a few... ok, maybe more than a few questions, so you can get to know hiim better. Here's what Eric had to say:


My name is Eric Nichols, and I’m a pretty lucky guy. I’m 28 years old, have a great job, and I’m married to the most amazing woman in the world, Arrianna! We have a wonderful little house together, and share it with Arrianna’s son (my step-son) Will. He’s 8, and we are pals. We bond over turbo-nerd stuff like video games and poop jokes. It rocks.

I grew up in Hampshire County, so not very far from here, and have only really been away from the area while I was in college. I graduated from Wyoming Technical Institute with a degree in Small Business Management, and also acquired many certifications while in attendance.

My favorite pastime has to be sinking into the couch with my wife, and watching stand-up comedy together. Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr, and Louis C.K. are a few of our favorites. We also enjoy our yearly trip out of the country to whichever All-Inclusive Resort we decide on, where we just lie very still and have someone bring us drinks… that’s really our only requirement.

When it’s just me, I love keeping up to date with current PC hardware, building with said hardware, and then gaming with it. Just recently I rebuilt my gaming PC, and have been crushing it ever since in the game I built it for: For Honor. I also casually enjoy playing Overwatch, DOOM, and before For Honor came around, I was ALL ABOUT the Dark Souls series.

I probably already said too much, but I got on a roll, and forgot I had some questions to answer, too! Here we go!


Q: How long have you worked @ WP? Position?

A: I have been working at WP for almost 2 ½ years, and I’m currently the Business Analytics Manager, and the Lead Designer for Signs & Designs.


Q: Something memorable since working here?

A: We went to Las Vegas for the ISA Sign Expo this year, which was memorable in itself. That was place was crazy-huge and had a lot of amazing technology based around the sign industry. As amazing as that was, it didn’t compare to when the boss-man took me down to Fremont Street. He said it was a must see, and it really was! It’s hands down one of the coolest places I’ve ever been, and I highly recommend that you go there if you find yourself in Vegas!


Q: Favorite TV show growing up? Now?

A: I can’t think of any show growing up that really stood out like the shows of today do. But without a doubt Breaking Bad is the very best show I’ve ever seen! I was legit sad when it ended... like… for a while… *sobs quietly* I also really enjoy Game of Thrones and a few others, but none come even close to Breaking Bad in my opinion.


Q: Favorite movie?

A: Edge of Tomorrow. It’s super underrated, and you should definitely watch it.


Q: Favorite vacation spot?

A: Sandals Royal Plantation, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. That’s where my wife and I got married, and we both highly recommend it to anyone who will listen!


Q: Favorite food?

A: The Chicken Tortilla Soup that Arrianna makes… Ack! I want some now!


Q: Your pet peeves?

A: One of my biggest pet peeves is going by old standards for the sake of the old standards… it’s almost 2018 people… let’s progress and improve! I’m also OCD, so I don’t like a mess.


Q: Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

A: I bungie jumped just out of college, and it was awesome! Skydiving is next! (sorry Arrianna)


As you can tell, Eric is super fun, super full of energy, not to mention a super hard worker! He pays very close attention to detail in all aspects of his work! Thank you Eric, for letting others get to know you better and all that you do for WP!!!

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