Climate Controlled Self-Storage

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 2:39pm
The Shenandoah Valley's most affordable, cleanest, and secure self-storage units in the Winchester, Stephens City, Clear Brook, and Front Royal area. Offering 9 locations with climate controlled and non-climate controlled units. Widest variety of sizes options too. Many customers ask what is climate controlled storage and why do I need it for furniture and household appliances? A climate controlled facility “controls” the building’s temperature between 55 – 85 degrees. Summer months have drastic temperature swings due to thunderstorms with high humidity levels. Humidity causes moisture in a non-climate controlled units and cause damage such as warping of furniture, mildew of fabrics (beds, sofas, clothing), and corrosion of electrical appliances and electronics. All moisture damage can be avoided if items are stored in a climate controlled unit! Also note, a climate controlled unit can only be accessed inside a building. Climate controlled units are "inside a climate controlled building" while non-climate controlled units doors are accessed from the exterior of the building. Call one of our self-storage specialists today to rent your climate controlled unit during the summer months in the Shenandoah Valley! 540-667-1710
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