What is Self-Storage?

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 10:40am

Self-storage facilities rent space on a short-term basis, often month-to-month, to individuals or businesses. Units are regularly used by individuals to store household goods or by businesses to store excess inventory or archived records.[3] Some facilities offer boxes, locks, and packaging supplies for sale to assist tenants in packing and safekeeping their goods.

Items are generally not covered by the facility's insurance; the lessor may be covered by his/her own insurance policy or may purchase insurance to cover the items. The facility may offer insurance through a third-party carrier, and in some cases may require the lessor to purchase it as a condition of rental.

The rented spaces are secured by the tenant's own lock and key. Unlike in a warehouse, self-storage facility employees do not have casual access to the contents of the space. A self-storage facility does not take possession or control of the contents of the space unless a lien is imposed for non-payment of rent, or if the unit is not locked the facility may lock the unit until the tenant provides his/her own lock.

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